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Link zum Hit - Listen Tanz Archiv - sehr interessant -

was in der Umgebung von Berlin so getanzt wird, vieles davon tanzen wir auch. LG Chris

Unsere neusten Line Dance Tänze 

Tänze 2019


The Real Deal
Nothing but you
Get it Right
Breathe into you
Hearts on Fire
Rocket to the Sun
Wildfire and Whiskey
Gillis Double PT
Dixie PT                                                      
Strong Bounds
Think of you                                                                         
Take a Ride in the Country with me   WS Stralsund 01/19


Tänze 2018

Friday at the Dance
Day of the Dead
Bush Party
Australian Kid
Dear Friends
All the King`s Horses
That 55 Ford
Diane                                    WS Wahrstorf 06/2018
Hole Down in my Heart       WS Wahrstorf 06/2018
Feel the Beat                       WS Steinhagen 06/2018
Down on your Uppers         WS Gelbensande 06/2018 
George Strait                       WS Ribnitz 04/2018
I Got This Too                     WS Graal Müritz 04/2018
The Queen
Woman Amen                     WS Rom 04/2018
People are Good                 WS Lauenburg 03/2018
Wandering Hearts              WS Star Awards 07/2017
Break it Back Down            WS Gnoien 05/2017
Story                                   WS Malle 10/2017
Summer Sway                     WS Malle 10/2017
Paddys Choir

Tänze 2017

Old and Grey
Go Shanty
 I Won`t Back Down             WS 10/2017 Mallorca
Have a Good Time                 WS 10/2017 Mallorca
1159                                      WS 10/2017 Mallorca
Nancy Mulligan
Feels Like Home
Chasing Down a Good Time
Lonely Drum
Damn Drunk
Dance on Sunday
Ice Cold Corona
A Tale to Tell
Close to you
Dig your Heels
Somewhere in my Car
Happy Happy Happy    WS Rom 2017
Fire and Lace               WS Rom  2017
LaLaLi                          WS Gnoin 2016 
Jolene - kein Video, leicht geändert,                                          1.Br. nach Ende der 1,4,5 Runde, 2.Br. + NS + Ende fällt weg 
Gypsy Queen
Come on Closer
Tänze 2016
Country Style
Bring Down the House
Told you so
Blackpool by the Sea
Thanks a Lot
Lay Low
Come on Down
Never Ever Go Away
Corn Don`t Grow
Loving Tonight
Trust me
zum Like a Rose tanzen wir White Rose
zum Comes as you are tanzen wir Second Hand Heart
2 Lane Highway
zum Point of Rescue tanzen wir: Half Past Nothing + 1 Restart
Second Hand Heart 
Patsy Fagan
American Kids
Locklin`s Bar  WS Graal - Müritz
Restless Heart
zum Photogragh tanzen wir: Let it Rain ohne Restart
zum Pizza and Beer tanzen wir: The Bomp
zum Stripes tanzen wir: Stitch it up mit 1 Restart
zum Silver Linning tanzen wir: Don`t Ask
Love comes Around
Promised - WS Tanz Gadebusch
Ain`t Broken - WS Tanz Prora - 2. von Samstag
Out Like That - WS Tanz Gadebusch
A Little Bit O`Soul - WS Tanz Gadebusch
Walking on Air
Tänze 2015
Country Western Cha Cha PT
Let it Rain - WS Tanz Prora - 5. von Samstag
Twist & Turns
Tell the World
The Bomp - WS Prora
Little Cowgirl
Heel and Toe Polka PT - WS Prora
Jackson PT - WS Prora - kein Video
Modern Romance
That`s up
Love is Like
16 Bars
P 3
8 Dogs, 8 Banjos - Contra 
Ay Ay Ay
Tag on
Ticket to the Blues
50 Ways
Indian Sound
No Trouble
Stop and Cafe
Old Beach Roller Coaster
Angel of the Night
A Big Love
We Only Live Once
Sea of Heartbreak 2013
A Life That´s Good - kein Video
Cash Back
High Cotton
Restless Cha Cha PT
Rumba Stroll PT
Stroll Along Cha Cha PT
Back in Love Again PT - kein Video
my Utopia von Ole
Tänze 2014
Country Strong
Wagon Wheel Rock
Those were the Days
It Hurts
Angel in Blue Jeans
M & D
Colorado Girl - PT
Mountain of Love - PT
All over Again
Better Time
Good Time Girls
Doin it Right
Language of Love PT
Calm after the Storm PT
Stop me Now
Gonna B Good
Australia Jig - Contra kein Video
Reining and Tequila Celtic
Fly High
Wow Tokyo
Celtic Heartbeat
Sailor Boy - Contra
The Boat to Liverpool
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
Bonfire Heart
Boys will be Boys
Dance to the Violin
Back to you

Hier könnt ihr mir mal mitteilen, wenn ihr Spaß dran habt, welche "alten" Line Dance Tänze ihr gerne mal wieder tanzen bzw. wiederholen möchtet. Oder falls ihr Ideen oder spezielle Wünsche für neue Country Line Dance Tänze habt, könnt ihr das hier auch nutzen. 

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