new DSGVO from 2018

Data protection explanation

The basic
This data protection explanation should inform the users of this website about the kind, the extent and the purpose of the elevation and use of personal data by the website operator [Christiane messenger].
The website operator takes seriously your data protection very much and treats your personal data confidentially and accordingly of the legal regulations. Because changes in this data protection explanation can be made by new technologies and the constant advancement of this web page, we recommend you to ourselves the data protection explanation to peruse at regular intervals again. Definitions of the used concepts (e.g., "personal data” or "processing") find in article. 4 DSGVO.


Access data
We, the website operator or side provider, raise on account of our legitimate interest (see. Article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. following DSGVO) data about accesses to the website and store
this as "server-log files" on the server of the website from. The following data are taken down so:
 Visited website
 Time at the time of the access
 Amount of the sent data in byte
 The spring / reference from which you reached the side
 Used browser
 Used operating system
 Used IP address
The server-log files are stored for maximum 7 days and afterwards are extinguished. The storage of the data occurs for safety reasons, around e.g. abuse cases clear up
to be able. If data from arguments must be lifted, they are excluded as long as from the deletion to the incident finally is cleared.


Reach measurement & cookies
This website uses cookies to the pseudonymisierten reach measurement which are transferred either by our server or the server of third to the browser of the user. With cookies it concerns small files, which on theirs
Terminal are stored. Their browser accesses these files. By the application of cookies the user friendliness and security of this website increases.
If you did not want that cookies are stored to the reach measurement on your terminal, you can contradict the application of these files here:

 Cookie-Deaktivierungsseite of the network advertising initiative:!/
 Cookie-Deaktivierungsseite of the USA website:!/
 Cookie-Deaktivierungsseite of the European website:!/

Current browsers offer the setting option not to admit cookies. Tip: It is not guaranteed, that you on all functions of this website without restrictions
can access if you carry out suitable settings.

Capture and processing of personal data
The website operator raises, is of use and transmits your personal data only if this is permitted in the legal frame or you agree to the survey. As personal data is valid all information which serves to determine your person and which can be traced back to you –
for example, your name, your e-mail address and phone number.
You can also visit this website without providing information to your person. Nevertheless, for the improvement of our online offer we store (without personal relation) theirs
Access data on this website. E.g., the file requested by you or the name of your Internet provider belong to these access data. By the Anonymisierung of her Data are not possible for conclusions on your person.


We process personal data like given name, surname, address IP, e-mail address, place of residence, zip code and tables of contents from the contact form.


We process personal data only after explicit permission of the concerning users and under observance of the valid privacy agreements.


The processing of the personal data occurs on account of our legitimate interest, in a nice and interesting web page.


After the new DSGVO, it is difficult with the photos a little bit.
Though they contain none pers. Data (how name, addresses,
Tel. No., e-mail or addresses IP etc.), However, them fall, nevertheless, under the data protection law. Now we have 2 possibilities, either we leave it with the photos - then, however, our side probably becomes a little bit Dull. Or you since with it All right which I put on the parties Fotograghiere and the photos to online. Who should not agree with it, that says me this please with the Fotograghieren or he contacts me in writing that I can remove certain photos or can make faces unrecognizable.


Contact with contact data

Establish with us as a website operator by the offered contact possibilities communication, your information is stored, so that can be fallen back on this for the treatment and answer of your inquiry. Without your approval these data are not transmitted into three parts.


Contact with comments and contributions

Leave on this website a contribution or comment, your IP address is stored. This occurs on account of our legitimate interests for the purposes of the article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. following DSGVO and serves the security of us as a website operator: Since should your comment offend against valid right, we can be prosecuted for it, which is why we have an interest in the identity of the comment or contribution author.


Google Analytics 

This website is of use on account of our legitimate interests for the optimisation and analysis of our online offer for the purposes of the article. 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. following DSGVO the service "Google Analytics" which is offered by the Google Inc (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, APPROX. 94043, the USA). The service (Google Analytics) uses "cookies" – text files which are stored on your terminal. The information accumulated by the cookies is sent as a rule to a Google server in the USA and is stored there. Google LLC keeps to the European data protection right and is certificated under the Privacy-ShieldAbkommen: id=a2zt000000001L5AAI&status=Active
On this website the IP-Anonymisierung reaches. The IP address of the users becomes within the member states of the EU and the European economic area and in the other
Signatories of the agreement shortened. Only in isolated cases the IP address is transferred at first unabridged in the USA to a server by Google and is shortened there. By this shortening the personal relation of your IP address is cancelled. From the browser bermittelte address IP of the user is not combined with others of Google to stored data. Within the scope of the arrangement to the order data arrangement which we have closed as a website operator with the Google Inc this provides with the help of them
to accumulated information an evaluation of the website use and the website activity and renders with the Internet use linked services. From Google by our order to upraised data are used to be able to evaluate the use of our online offer by the single users, e.g., to provide of report about the activity on the website to improve our online offer.

They have the possibility to prevent the storage of the cookies on your device, while you carry out suitable settings in your browser. It is not guaranteed that you access all functions of this website without restrictions
are able if your browser admits no cookies.
Furthermore you can prevent by a Browser-Plugin that are sent by cookie accumulated information (including your IP address) to the Google Inc and by the Google Inc are used. The following link leads you to the corresponding one
Plugin: hl=de
Alternatively you prevent with a click on this link (IMPORTANTLY: Opt out link insert) that Google grasps Analytics within this website data about you. With the click on
you download the above link an "Opt out cookie". Their browser must permit the storage of cookies moreover basically. Extinguish your cookies regularly, one is
renewed click on the link in every visit of this website necessarily.


Here you find further information about the data use by the Google Inc:

 hl=de (the data which are raised by GooglePartnern)

 (settings about the advertisement which is indicated you)

 hl=de (use of cookies in displays) use of Social-Media-Plugins of Facebook on account of our legitimate interest in the analysis, optimisation and the company of our online offer (for the purposes of the article. This website the Facebook-Social-Plugin which of the Facebook Inc (1 hacker Way, Menlo park, California 94025, the USA) is pursued uses 6 paragraphs 1 lighted. following DSGVO). The integration in the Facebook logo or in the concepts "Like", „liked to me“, "parts" in the colours of Facebook (blue and white) is recognizable. You find information about all Facebook-Plugins about the following link: Inc keeps to the European data protection right and is certificated under the Privacy-ShieldAbkommen: id=a2zt0000000GnywAAC&status=Active The Plugin produces a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook servers. The website operator has no influence on the nature and the extent of the data which transmit the Plugin to the servers of the Facebook Inc.

You find information about it here: / help / 186325668085084. The Plugin informs the Facebook Inc about the fact that you have visited this website as a user. There is, on this occasion, the possibility that your IP address is stored. If you are logged in during the visit on this website in your Facebook account, the called information with this is tied together. Use the functions of the Plugins – possibly while you divide a contribution or "liken" – the suitable information is also transmitted to the Facebook Inc. If you liked to prevent, that Facebook. Inc.s tying together these data with your Facebook account, you log off please before the visit of this website in Facebook and you extinguish the stored cookies. About your Facebook profile you can effect other settings to the data processing for advertising purposes or contradict the use of your data for advertising purposes. Here to the settings you reach:

profile settings in Facebook: entry_product=ad_settings_screen

Cookie-Deaktivierungsseite of the USA website:!/

Cookie-Deaktivierungsseite of the European website:!/

Which data for which purpose and in which extent Facebook raises data is of use and processes and which rights as well as setting possibilities you have for the protection of your privacy, you can read up in the data protection directives of Facebook. You find this here:


Rights of the user

They have as a user the right to receive at the request of free information about which personal data about you were stored. Moreover, they have the right on correction of wrong data and on the processing restriction or deletion of your personal data. If appropriately, you can also assert your right on Datenportabilität. Should you suppose that your data were processed illegally, you can lodge a complaint at the responsible supervisory authority.


Deletion of data

Provided that your wish does not collide with a legal duty for the safekeeping of data (e.g., data retention), you have a claim to deletion of your data. From us stored data become, they should not be necessary for her purpose any more and give it no legal periods for safekeeping, extinguished. If a deletion cannot be carried out, because the data are necessary for allowed legal purposes, a restriction of the data processing occurs. In this case the data are closed and not processed for other purposes.


Contradiction right

Users of this web page can make of her contradiction right use and contradict the processing of her personal data any time. If you wish a correction, blockage, deletion or information about the personal data stored to your person or have questions with regard to the elevation, processing or use of your personal data or liked to revoke given approvals, turn please to the following e-mail address: []